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Performing Arts Director: Loftin Woodiel

2018-2019 Theater Production Schedule

2017-2018 Theater Production Schedule

Abby Abromovich Katie Droste Kelsey Johnson Grace Ruyle
Jayden Bell Dexter Elmendorf Dylan Keller Sarah St.John
McKaylah Bell Abby Fahnestock Ashley Koelker Phillip Tran
Jaylen Bey Owen Fahnestock Katy Kratschmer Bailey Tweedy
Iyia Blankenship Emily Fazio Sydney Lomax Brionna Walton
Reece Buss Hayley File Katelyn Maher Peyton Tweedy
Bobby-Kate Calmese Joe File Hattie Mallory Deanna Wells
Makensie Card Taryn Fox Samantha Moore Emily Wilson
Quincy Chapman Anna Grace Helen Mormino Nicholas Wooden
Sophia Cox Rochan Gregory Shannon O'Neill Beth Wurth
Alaina Cribbett Ellie Hamburg Delany Orlando Sam Yunling
Skylar Cribbett Darryl Hunter Jacob Reese
Jessica Cutts Ryann Jenkins-LaFlore Rhiannon Robinson


Extracurricular Theatre Activities & Honor Society:

MCHS Drama Club - As part of MCHS Theatre, students may participate in mainstage productions, stage (read more)...

MCHS Drama Club is open to all Marquette Catholic High School students and encompasses a variety of theatrical opportunities both on and offstage.  As part of MCHS Theatre, students may participate in mainstage productions, stage crew, workshops with guest artists, field trip opportunities, improv teams and student written plays.  Additional events and activities are offered throughout the year, and students may participate in as many facets of theatre as interested.

Active participants in stage crew and performance may letter in Theatre and earn membership into the prestigious International Thespian Society, the honor society for student theatre artists.

International Thespian Society, Troupe #602 - A Thespian troupe is an honor society that recognizes and rewards (read more)...

A Thespian troupe is an honor society that recognizes and rewards excellence among the participants in the theatre arts program. Induction into the International Thespian Society is an honorable achievement, which the troupe director should promote to their students. The troupe is not a club, fraternity/sorority, or secret society within the school. Meetings, induction ceremonies, and other activities should be open to interested students, parents, and administrators to emphasize the honorary nature of the troupe.

Activities of the Thespian troupe and the school’s theatre program are most beneficial when they are coordinated to complement and reinforce each other. Additionally, many schools find that cooperation with other departments results in a more rewarding program. Many schools use the art department for set painting, business classes for assistance in publicity and marketing, and home economics classes for help with costume design and construction. This cooperation helps promote the theatre arts within the school community as well as introduce new students to the pride in putting on a full-scale production.

Dr. Woodiel is the troupe director and is the official representative of the school’s Thespian troupe to our organization. The troupe director is responsible for overseeing all troupe activities and operations, subject to the authority of the school’s administration and Theatre Education Association’s code of regulations and policies. The success of a Thespian troupe rests largely on the leadership, skill, and enthusiasm of its troupe director.

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